Fabric designs

Spring collection 2018

This is our new colourway of “Pua Tapa”.  (See below for more information on the design) This colourway we call Deep Ocean.  It’s 100% cotton, navy warp and teal weft.  This is an exclusive order for Island Carrier.

The other new colourway we have of Pua Tapa is called Light Sky.  It’s made from dreamy soft Tencel and Cotton,  navy warp and white weft.  This is an exclusive order for Island Carrier also.

We have new coloursway of “Tapa Afakasi” (see below for more information).  This fabric is 100% organic cotton.  We have Windy Grey and Ocean Teal.


We are passionate about sharing the beauty of the Pacific through fabric design.

Winter collection 2018

This is our newest designed fabric by Ruha, which is a variation on our 2017 release.   We call it “Tapa Afakasi”.  Afakasi  is the Samoan word to describe a Samoan with European ancestry.  This design honours both our European New Zealand and Pacific Island descent.  This  design has pohutukawa and pua flowers set in tapa layout.

We have 4 colourways for this release; Turquoise, Navy, Black and Red.

This is 100% organic cotton knit.

Winter collection 2017

This is our winter collection custom designed fabric. We call it “Pua Tapa”.  Pua is the Samoan word for Frangipani.  The design incorporates the Frangipani and it’s leaves, in a tapa cloth inspired layout and design.   The Frangipani is a special flower across the Pacific and beyond.  It’s known for it’s sweet smell and beauty.


In Samoan tapa cloth designs, the pua can represent new life; when breathing in the sweet smell of the pua, you inhale new life and new beginnings.  This seemed a beautiful analogy for our first design and the launch of this endeavor.    This colourway is red earth and sand coloured, connecting us to the land, the sea and to traditional colours of Pacific tapa cloth.

The beautiful art work is by Ruha.