IVI is…

IVI is a Polynesian term for the individual, shared and collective energy, by which life is lived. We invite you to embark with us on a journey of learning and transformation through action and reflection.  It is through today’s unique terrain of opportunity and challenge that we are being called to navigate. On this adventure we hope to develop an enterprise that enables and empowers meaningful community-led development for social change and demonstrate the potential of inter-cultural collaboration. 

Each product we produce is unique and important because of the social project that’s created it and/or that it supports. We look forward to your involvement.

“As the sun, the moon and the stars rise and set across our horizon, infusing creation with their energy and light so too do we weave for ourselves a rhythm of generosity and discovery.

Like the ocean, the rivers and rains connecting our diverse shores and decorating the imaginations senses with it’s dancing waters – so too do we commit ourselves to plunging deeper into life’s mysteries and realities.

Because the winds whisper our music and tell our stories across cultures and through time, we are listening to appreciate the fragrance, the fun and the challenges carried in these dreams that will become our breath.

So that, together we may come to fully realise our diverse strengths and collective power to determine a better future for all. ”
– Team IVI